More about me

Psychology is my foundation for the user experience world. Observing users' behavioral patterns then satisfying their uncovered needs and bringing a good impact on their life is my sense of achievement.

Besides UX and psychology, I also very interested in data science and computer science. I not only took courses such as Data Wrangling, Database Management, and Data Storytelling at school, but also learned programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and, Python at online resources. Meanwhile, I had been a product manager, sales representative, and research assistant. These diverse backgrounds and multiple skillsets have great help when I work with cross-functional teams.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and experiencing new things. Adapting to new cultures and places quickly is one of my skills learned from the exchange student period in Sweden and China (speaking 5 languages is another skill ) The photo gallery shows 20 countries I have been to, and Tibet and Iceland are my favorite. Hiking, mountain climbing, ballroom dancing, and singing are also my hobbies. Let's shoot me at LinkedIn or email and learn something new from each other!