Hi, there!

I am a second-year graduate student study at UT Austin. I took several courses including Usability, Rapid Prototyping, and Interaction Design related to UX/UI at iSchool. Meanwhile, since I  am very interested in data science, I also learned Data Wrangling, Database Management, and Data Storytelling in my Master of Science in Information Studies degree. In addition, I attended programming classes such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and, Bootstrap online to fulfill my skillsets. I believe these diverse interests will have great help with my product designer/ analyst career.

My undergraduate is psychology, so I have remarkable research skills and good at conducting experiments and interviews. This professional training always remains me that empathy is a critical issue when conducting researches and designing services or products. After graduated, I had been a product manager and sales representative. The previous experiences let me know I am enjoying communicating with people and satisfying their needs. As a result, I am always looking for building up a smooth channel in teamwork.

In my spare time, I love traveling, exercising and learning new things. I have been an exchange student in Sweden and China, so I know I can always quickly adapt to new cultures and places. The photo gallery shows 20 countries I have been, and Tibet and Iceland are my favorite. Moreover, I like doing workouts, mountain climbing, and hiking. Let's shoot me at LinkedIn and learn something new from each other!